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Inventory Solutions Logistics Corp.
Import / Export Specialist

"A full service warehousing, distribution and logistics corporation"
Let us show you how we can reduce your costs and improve your cash flow!

Our network of overseas manufacturers will provide you with high-quality products to your specifications.  We can manufacture, import and transport your products in the shortest lead times.

Manufactured Overseas and Exported /
Imported at the Lowest Cost

Export / Import at Minimal Cost

Our creativity can help to setup suppliers, reduce freight costs, shorten lead time, improve shipping performance, and reduce raw material purchasing & labor costs to improve your cash flow.
We reduce your cost for  import/export, freight forwarding, coast to coast warehousing, storage, kit building, inventory control, purchasing, materials management, Chinese manufacturing, MRP, transportation, JIT, supply chain, stocking and more.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Optimizing inventory levels will reduce WIP, reduce raw materials, reduce finished goods and result in a reduction of costs and increased profit.
Lower Cost Distribution Centers

Our distribution centers can receive containers, store, pick-pack, and distribute your products to any point in the United States.  We also create and warehouse your optimal inventory stocking levels.

Contact Inventory Solutions Logistics Corp. for help with:

Improve Material Flow

Freight Negotiations

MRP / Forecasting

Reduce Manufacturing Cost

Supply Chain Mgmt

Import / Export

Lead Time Reduction

Master Production Schedule

Training / Consulting

Distribution Center

Inventory Cost Reduction


Supplier Networking

Trucking / Freight

Increase Profit

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