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Inventory Solution's staff has accumulated a strong list of credentials in a very short period of time.  Our services have saved clients millions of dollars and simultaneously improved productivity with minimal effort.  Some of our accomplishments are as follows:

bulletSaved a tier 1 Automotive supplier over $250,000 by creating stocking levels which eliminated all expedited freight to assembly plants.
bulletReduced transportation cost for inbound and outbound freight by creative networking with multiple carriers to complete a corporate contract for multiple sites.
bulletReduced finished goods inventories by $2+ million, by utilizing make to order verses make to stock.

Optimizing finished goods, raw materials and WIP inventory levels will reduce costs and improve cash flow.

bulletReduced raw materials purchasing from $2.5 million per month to $1.3 million, by optimizing stocking levels, implementing JIT, improving lead times and networking with suppliers.
bulletImproved quarterly and fiscal inventories to 98%+ accuracy, by installing cycle count and min-max programs.

Creating networking with suppliers can reduce freight costs, improve lead times and improve shipping performance.

bulletReduced purchased freight inbound from $52,000 per month to less than $5,000 with creative supplier networking.
bulletIncreased the savings on outbound freight by 6-8% by networking with freight companies.
bulletIncreased shipping performance by 95+%  for multiple manufacturing sites, up from 62%.
bulletObtained instant cash flow from closing multiple outside warehousing sites, reducing obsolete and excess inventories worth $3.5 million and saving $100,000 in lease fees.

Improving materials management will reduce warehouse space and obsolete / excess inventory.

bulletReduced inventory levels by 17% while improving cash flow and profits.
bulletReduced WIP inventories by 26%, by improving material flow and stocking levels.

Implementing cycle count and min-max techniques will optimize stocking levels and improve inventory accuracy.

bulletTrained associates on MRP at 3 different sites to improve scheduling and material flow.

Contact us to see how we can help your company reduce costs, improve material flow, optimize inventory levels and setup creative supplier networking.

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