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Inventory Solutions is committed to providing immediate, prioritized and measurable results with no hidden costs.  We will also train and explain by example the appropriate way to maintain the levels of inventory that your company requires to stay profitable.
This new company offers a staff with a minimum of 15 years experience in the field of materials management.  Our associates bring knowledge from both international and US based companies and are extensively trained in supply chain management.  Our accomplishments will show you some of the benefits achievable with our help. 
While anybody can reduce inventory levels, Inventory Solutions can define how aggressive your inventory reduction objectives should be.  We can tell you up front what it takes to achieve those goals.  Our services are here to improve the amount of cash flow and reduce your costs.

Inventory Solutions can reduce costs by optimizing inventory levels, reducing purchasing / freight costs, networking with suppliers, materials management, supply chain management, MRP, etc.

By definition, the perfectly balanced inventory would have every SKU on hand when needed but in no greater quantity than necessary to assure continuous, safe operations.  Fortunately, the seemingly overwhelming task of bringing thousands of parts into balance can be broken down into fundamental pieces, analyzed and converted to a positive cash flow for your company.

We can reduce your inventory cost, add dollars to your bottom line, improve material flow, improve shipping performance, improve lead time, reduce inventory levels, train employees, implement cycle counting, improve inventory accuracy, network with suppliers, eliminate obsolete / excess / understocks / overstocks and optimize warehouse space.

Inventory Solutions uses a combination of past history and future forecasting tools / data to expose and to prioritize the small percentage of items that produce the greatest saving's opportunities.  We can guide you to establish corporate-wide supply chain management objectives to help bring overstocks, understocks, obsolete / excess inventory, purchasing / freight negotiations and central warehousing logically into focus.

Our fees are nominal compared to the savings we offer as an immediate improvement based company.  We are a "hands on" and not a "ride the clock" consulting company.  Our commitment is to show you improvements in 30-90 days, train your personnel and bring closure to your current needs.

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