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Material Requirements Planning:

MRP calculates and maintains an optimum manufacturing plan based on master production schedules, sales forecasts, inventory status, open orders and bills of material.  If properly implemented, it will reduce cash flow and increase profitability.  MRP will provide you with the ability to be pro-active rather than re-active in the management of your inventory levels and material flow.

Implementing or improving Material Requirements Planning can provide the following benefits for your company:

bulletReduced Inventory Levels
bulletReduced Component Shortages
bulletImproved Shipping Performance
bulletImproved Customer Service
bulletImproved Productivity
bulletSimplified and Accurate Scheduling
bulletReduced Purchasing Cost
bulletImprove Production Schedules
bulletReduced Manufacturing Cost
bulletReduced Lead Times
bulletLess Scrap and Rework
bulletHigher Production Quality
bulletImproved Communication
bulletImproved Plant Efficiency
bulletReduced Freight Cost
bulletReduction in Excess Inventory
bulletReduced Overtime
bulletImproved Supply Schedules
bulletImproved Calculation of Material Requirements
bulletImproved Competitive Position

The consultants at Inventory Solutions can provide an un-biased review of your operations and make suggestions on how you can improve your process.  If you want the productivity improvements that MRP can deliver, contact Inventory Solutions today.

MRP uses the following elements to plan optimal inventory levels, purchases, production schedules and more:

bulletMaster Production Schedule (MPS)
bulletBill of Materials (BOM)
bulletQuantity on Hand (QOH)
bulletPart Lead Times
bulletSales Order Quantities / Due Dates
bulletScrap Rate
bulletPurchase Order Quantities / Due Dates
bulletLot Sizing policies for All Parts
bulletSafety Stock Requirements

MRP will plan production so that the right materials are at the right place at the right time.  MRP determines the latest possible time to product goods, buy materials and add manufacturing value.  Proper Material Requirements Planning can keep cash in the firm and still fulfill all production demands.   It is the single most powerful tool in guiding inventory planning, purchase management and production control.  MRP is easy to operate and adds dramatically to profits.

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